Why attend INORMS?

We asked some colleagues why they had attended INORMS Congresses in the past?

“…because it’s great to know everyone else has the same problems. Having said that, someone, somewhere has solved that one niggling problem you are trying to work through; this person is probably at the Congress. Find them, and they can help you.”

“Day to day, it’s difficult to celebrate the great things we do. These events are all about celebrating exactly that, with the end result of inspiring each other to keep developing, improving and enhancing the world of research.”

“Research support is so vast, a lot of us tend to be focussed in our ‘speciality’. These events give us the time to reflect our specialities and see the bigger picture, and ultimately work better.”

“You can sit down next to ANYONE at these events and find a topic of shared interest. It’s amazing how easy conversations are to have with complete strangers. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!”

“Some of the most jaw-dropping sessions are when you hear about how different international HE structures work. It’s so different, yet oddly the same, and you can’t help but want to adopt all the great things happening everywhere, to make UK research support even better than it already is.”

“Each INORMS Congress has provided me with insights at macro and micro levels, drawing on policy and practice across RMA topics from around the World. “

“Each INORMS Congress has helped me to enhance my understanding and build my networks of influence.”

“A chance to catch up with colleagues from around the globe to discuss common challenges and understand differences.”

“If you support international research, INORMS is a must – broaden your network and improve your research support!”

“During every INORMS I expand my network – if I have an issue with an international research project or application, I can turn to a colleague – rather than a faceless name on a website.”

“If you are serious about your profession, then INORMS is not to be missed – don’t just think outside the box, think outside your country… and return home with new perspectives!”

“Thanks to INORMS I have an international network of friends and colleagues, an invaluable resource.”

“Attending INORMS is a real eye opener – I learned so much, not only about research administration, but about different cultures and ways of doing things.”

If you’ve attended an INORMS Congress, tell us what the benefits were for you. Email us at events@arma.ac.uk and we may well publish your quote!