Toby Scott

Facilitator, Know Innovation

Toby specialises in developing innovative research proposals and teams – ideally he does this virtually.

He has been a facilitator/trainer with Knowinnovation (KI) for 15 years focussing on what it takes to be creative, helping others to be creative, and developing creative solutions.

Knowinnovation has become the leading consultancy in the UK and USA building innovative research communities within and between universities.

Toby is currently developing collaborative innovation communities for the UN. He was previously UK Government advisor on Innovation, Director of the UK Design Council and a director in TV and theatre.


Session How might we develop better interdisciplinary collaboration between international partners?
Room Kilsyth
Time 14:15 - 15:30
Date Thursday 7th June, 2018
Theme Managing International Collaborations
Style Workshop
Speakers Toby Scott - Facilitator, Know Innovation
Dr David Lomas - Facilitator, Know Innovation