Genny Kiff

CFO for the Wellcome Trust Sanger institute

Since March 2015, Genny has been the CFO for the Wellcome Trust Sanger institute. Prior to this she worked at Wellcome for 16 years where she became the Head of Financial Planning and Reporting. Her responsibilities included managing a team of 30,delivering financial planning and reporting to the Wellcome Board, business partnering services to enable the development of new legal entities in the UK and internationally, as well as investment accounting, financial systems and procurement.
Prior to joining the Wellcome Trust, Genny worked at Ernst and Young (New Zealand) where she qualified as a chartered accountant with major clients being AMP, Sun alliance Insurance, Mallinckrodt, Toyota and TransAlta. Prior to Ernst and Young she was a research scientist with GEC Hirst Research Centre (London).


Session Due Diligence and the Global Grant Finance Community
Room Ochil 1, 2 & 3
Time 11:30 - 12:45
Date Wednesday 6th June, 2018
Theme Developing Research Proposals
Style Workshop
Speakers Genny Kiff - CFO for the Wellcome Trust Sanger institute