When is a journal not a journal? The recent revolutions in publishing.

Alan Johnson - Managing Director, RMS International

This is not a presentation about the value of open access nor is it specifically focused on the value of open data. It is about recent innovations in academic publishing. Although traditional journals have been the focus of researchers in STEM for hundreds of years, researchers in H&SS and especially humanities have tended to focus on books, while IT researchers concentrate on conferences. But now funding agencies and global university ranking schemes recognise a broader range of publishing platforms, such as publication of negative results, deposition in publicly available pre-print servers before submission, and formal counting of cites to books and chapters, it is essential that you as a Research Manager are familiar with these new innovations. You must be able to provide advice to researchers, across all research disciplines, on how to get best value for their research outputs from the options available. This Pecha Kucha will briefly review current publishing practices then highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the emerging developments and provide suggestions as to how you can assist your researchers to get maximum benefit from these new innovations in publishing.

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Room Harris 1 & 2
Time 11:30 - 12:45
Date Wednesday 6th June, 2018
Theme Research Policy & Strategy
Style Pecha Kucha
Speakers Alan Johnson - Managing Director, RMS International