Understanding and Managing risk and accountability from a research funders perspective

Gareth Macdonald - Head of Funding Assurance for the Research Councils UK

Funding Assurance is all about ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of projects stipulated by the funder. However in order to achieve this, it is important to understand how the research organisation works and where risks with non-compliance lie.

This presentation will give an overview of how the Research Councils have developed their funding assurance strategy to better understand and reflect perceived risks associated with research funding.

These have evolved significantly in recent times with an increase in direct and indirect overseas funding and, more generally sub-contracts to third parties.

The presentation will also provide an understanding of how assurance assignments are undertaken and what we look out for on the way. This includes being able to evidence a sound control environment which in turn provides assurance that key controls and checks are likely to be in place.

Transparency of approach is key to RCUK Assurance and participants will be fully appraised of the Research Councils perspectives on delivering assurance to their Accounting Officers and how to best prepare for a funding assurance assignment.

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Room Sidlaw
Time 12:00 - 13:15
Date Thursday 7th June, 2018
Theme Managing Research Projects 2
Style Workshop
Speakers Gareth Macdonald - Head of Funding Assurance for the Research Councils UK