Is peer review a lottery?

Mary Gray - Grants Specialist, Australian National University

In Australia, we frequently hear from our academics that ‘peer review is just a lottery.’ I’m sure you hear the same phrase wherever you are in the world. The Australian National University Research Office decided to put the lottery hypothesis to the test.

In 2016 and 2017 we held workshops for early career researchers to give them the experience of the peer review process. The participants reviewed partial grant proposals that were submitted to a major funds provider in 2015. The participants rated their proposals individually and ranked them in small groups. Each group had to nominate just three proposals to ‘fund.’ The results were tallied – we had a 75% match to the funder outcomes. You will have the chance to participate in the  workshop provided to researchers and review real proposals to decide their fate.

You will:

  1. Experience peer review and gain experience in how proposals are judged;
  2. Have a model to create your institute/funder specific workshop to provide your early career researchers and administrators with this experience;
  3. Add to the pool of evidence that winning a grant takes more than luck.

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Room Fintry
Time 15:45 - 17:00
Date Tuesday 5th June, 2018
Theme Developing Research Proposals
Style Workshop
Speakers Mary Gray - Grants Specialist, Australian National University