Analysis and performance data – what do success rates tell us?

Dr Alex Hulkes - Strategic Lead, ESRC Insights team

The Economic and Social Research Council is the UK’s largest organisation for funding research on economic and social issues. ESRC supports independent, high-quality research which has an impact on business, the public sector and civil society. With a total (2017-18) budget of £202 million, ESRC supports over 4,000 researchers and postgraduate students in academic institutions and independent research institutes.

ESRC has undertaken a range of analysis on performance data within its funding portfolio, including application success rates. In this session, a representative from ESRC will provide delegates with direct insights from its internal analysis to support the RMA community to strengthen bids and improve the likelihood of application success. Consideration will be given to adapting the content for overseas delegates. 

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Room Kilsyth
Time 15:45 - 17:00
Date Tuesday 5th June, 2018
Theme Research Policy & Strategy
Style Workshop
Speakers Dr Alex Hulkes - Strategic Lead, ESRC Insights team