Creating Collaboration: The story of the White Rose University Consortium

Claire Pickerden - Collaboration Development Manager, White Rose University Consortium

For twenty years, the White Rose University Consortium has been enabling collaboration in an competitive environment across the three research intensive universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. Over £170m of external research income has been secured. How do you encourage partnership and collaborative activity in research?

Working across 16 faculties, 110 schools, and nearly 9,700 academics, White Rose has funded 65 research projects supporting innovative partnerships and novel approaches to research questions. With some stories from our two specialist tools, we will show how you can link expertise, build mini-hubs of knowledge, create new academic relationships and pave the way to sustainability. From energy poverty to palm oil, mucosal drug delivery to migration, our projects have given us some great returns and some interesting lessons.

We also include a quick visit to our new Brussels Office, opened shortly before the Brexit shockwave, where we are working hard to show that UK universities are committed to the European agenda by showcasing some of the world class research that our universities offer.

So join us to wander through some building blocks of collaboration, sprint through our research landscape and race our way towards our profile raising work in Brussels.

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Room Tinto
Time 11:30 - 12:45
Date Wednesday 6th June, 2018
Theme Winning Friends & Influencing People
Style Pecha Kucha
Speakers Claire Pickerden - Collaboration Development Manager, White Rose University Consortium