Beyond Compliance: Responsible Conduct of Research in Canada and Around the World

Trevor Davis - Executive Director, Research Operations, Simon Fraser University

“Responsible Conduct of Research” is a globally accepted term that approaches integrity issues from a positive perspective. It refers to not only the basics of avoiding things like plagiarism or falsification, but also to the whole ‘research culture’ component. It’s quite clear that students and postdocs working in an environment where RCR principles are deeply embedded end up applying and then passing on those principles to the next generation.

Canada has developed a very robust human ethics management process, and has endeavored to build on this in developing the “Tri-Agency Framework on the Responsible Conduct of Research”. Now in its second iteration, this policy suite governs RCR at all institutions receiving Canadian federal research funding.

In this presentation I will introduce the concept of RCR for a research admin audience using an international perspective (introducing the Singapore Statement, the Montreal Statement and the Amsterdam Agenda as examples of a decade of rapid development).  I will walk through the history of developments within Canada and explain in detail how the Framework operates, look at how universities have responded, and examine some changes it is starting have in attitudes and actions of our students and faculty.

Room Menteith
Time 12:00 - 13:15
Date Thursday 7th June, 2018
Theme Research Integrity & Ethics
Style Panel
Speakers Trevor Davis - Executive Director, Research Operations, Simon Fraser University