About building a research support office and how to proceed to the next level

Anders Wennström - Coordinator, Umeå University

Most universities have nowadays a well-developed support office. I will describe the general processes and tactics behind a successful research support office with examples from two universities – one in Sweden and one in Australia – and how we can use this as a base to develop the support further.

We are now in the midst of a new challenge, to deliver an even more comprehensive and excellent support to researchers. This will push the skills of the support office even further. Here we will describe the current strategies and actions for development to reach the ultimate goal – A support office that delivers excellent support from Idea to Impact.

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Room Pentland
Time 15:45 - 17:00
Date Tuesday 5th June, 2018
Theme Future Shape of Work
Style Pecha Kucha
Speakers Anders Wennström - Coordinator, Umeå University